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Technical Assistance Support

EST's portfolio highlights Technical Assistance Support projects ranging from grant review management to providing on-site technical support and training to grantees receiving federal funds.  EST maintains a dynamic database of interdisciplinary expert consultants who support these contracts.  Our technical assistance support also includes data collection and evaluation analysis.  We prioritize communication with our clients so that we can create the tools and provide the personnel to deliver high caliber results.  In the case of technical assistance support, we rely on proven practices and innovative approaches for real-time updates on project deliverables.  Clients can expect strategic, logical and efficient deployment of technology systems paired with the expertise and confidence of seasoned professionals.

Not every task requires a complex technical solution -- some tasks require simple personal attention.  It is with the intricate knowledge of how project management works that we are able to succeed at any project we assume.

Grantee Communication
  • Assess the needs of grantee communications
  • Provide technological solutions to improve program management
Survey/Evaluation Analysis
  • Evaluate the current processes
  • Establish quality control measurements

Quality Assurance Compliance
  • Measurements
  • Review standard operating procedures
  • Establish quality control measurements
  • Provide method of evaluation
Grant Review Management
  • Identify grant review needs and requirements
  • Grant reviewer selection and communication
  • Provide virtual support for grant reviews
  • Support the Federal Application Review Management System
  • Provide reimbursement for grant reviewers
Grantee Travel Systems
  • Create grantee logistics portal 
  • Receive and process logistics requests
  • Approve and prepare travel itineraries
  • Track and report expenses
  • Payment of honorarium and per diem​
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