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Cloud Technology Support Services

EST develops and maintains sophisticated systems for the collection, organization and dissemination of information.  Our designers and programmers are highly experienced in developing event and project websites that serve attendees and serve as a management tool for our clients, providing real-time data.  Harnessing cloud technology for building websites and managing event content management systems, event and meeting systems, online registration, document dissemination, reporting and capacity tracking are examples of the type of advanced information systems developed by our team.  This technology allows clients to engage their projects online in real-time, thereby reducing errors and increasing your spend value.  

Our IT security team has extensive experience working with the federal government in the management and compliance of the FISMA and NIST policies and regulations.

Event Website Development
  • Design and development of meeting and event websites
  • Ensure 508 Compliance
  • Ensure FISMA and NIST Compliance
  • Registration and attendee management
  • Data management - real-time reporting
  • Fee collection and reconciliation
  • Document dissemination

Attendee Analysis Systems
  • Registration data
  • Communication system
  • Special needs reporting
  • Evaluation collection/analysis
  • Develop evaluation tools
  • Collect and analyze results
Virtual Meetings and Web-based Learning Platforms
  • Webinar production and website design
  • Live Stream events
  • Real-time transcription and captioning
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