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Event & Meeting Management


Key to our success is our experience and we have developed the ability to anticipate problems before they arise and take steps to avoid them.  This makes our events run smoother for everyone concerned.  We have designed and developed numerous on-line registration portals with the capacity to manage speakers and all administrative tasks.  We have also provided support for hundreds of webinars for online participation.  No task is too small or menial.  We pay attention to the details to ensure that all logistics are managed, thereby freeing our clients up to do what they do best.

EST has years of experience in managing event services for individuals with special needs.  For attendees with disabilities, we make sure the event will be ADA compliant and more.  Our technology will be 508 compliant and we will provide translation and support for special needs, including sign language, large print materials and Computer Aided Real-time Transcription.

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Technical Assistance Support


EST's portfolio highlights Technical Assistance Support projects ranging from grant review management to providing on-site technical support and training to grantees receiving federal funds.  EST maintains a dynamic database of interdisciplinary expert consultants who support these contracts.  Our technical assistance support also includes survey and evaluation analysis.  We prioritize communication with our clients so that we can create the tools and provide the personnel to deliver high caliber results.  In the case of technical assistance support, we rely on proven practices and innovative approaches for real-time updates on project deliverables.  Clients can expect strategic, logical and efficient deployment of technology systems paired with the expertise and confidence of seasoned professionals.

Not every task requires a complex technical solution -- some tasks require simple personal attention.  It is with the intricate knowledge of how project management works that we are able to succeed at any project we assume.

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Cloud Technology Support Services


EST develops and maintains sophisticated systems for the collection, organization and dissemination of information.  Our designers and programmers are highly experienced in developing event and project websites that serve attendees and serve as a management tool for our clients, providing real-time data.  Harnessing cloud technology for building websites and managing event content management systems, event and meeting systems, online registration, document dissemination, reporting and capacity tracking are examples of the type of advanced information systems developed by our team.  This technology allows clients to engage their projects online in real-time, thereby reducing errors and increasing your spend value.  

Our IT security team has extensive experience working with the federal government in the management and compliance of the FISMA and NIST policies and regulations.

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