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Page Title: Converence and Event Management


Project Management

Event Planning

Marketing & Media

Speaker Coordination

Financial Management



Event Site Management


Travel & Lodging

Audiovisual, Sound,
& Lighting

Print & Design

Photography & Video

Internet &
Electronic Media

Attendee Feedback

Post-Event Analysis & Feedback

Translation & Special Needs Requirements


Picture of conference - people at tables looking at slide showSince its start in 2002, EST has successfully managed hundreds of events, conferences, and meetings throughout the United States.  EST provides the full range of services to make conferences and events a pleasure for everyone involved.  An important part of EST's experience is managing conferences involving individuals with special needs.  EST ensures that facilities are accessible and that the right technology and people are present to make sure all participants can fully participate in the event.  Click here to find out more.

Detailed List of Conference and Event Management Services

Project Management

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Setup

  • Post-Event Activities

Event Planning

  • Analyze goals and objectives
  • Develop schedules
  • Identify required resources
  • Prepare budgets

Marketing and Media

  • Create marketing plan
  • Design and print marketing material
  • Design advertisements
  • Place advertisements
  • Create teaser campaign
  • Manage distribution database
  • Co-ordinate media campaign
  • Design and print media material
  • Manage media relationship

Picture of woman speaking from behind a podiumSpeaker Coordination

  • Identify speakers
  • Manage speaker contracts
  • Manage speaker payments
  • Provide pre-event, post-event, and onsite liaison with speakers

Financial Management

  • Prepare event budget
  • Negotiate supplier contracts
  • Monitor costs and/or cash flow
  • Manage supplier payments
  • Receive delegate, exhibitor, and/or sponsor payments
  • Provide financial reporting
  • Perform final reconciliation


  • Provide online attendee registration
  • Provide for online and/or onsite attendee payments
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing attendee communication
  • Manage onsite registration

Picture of rows of registration badges


  • E-mail setup and management
  • Web setup and management

Event Site Management

  • Research event site suitability
  • Create event site comparison
  • Assess and recommend event sites
  • Manage event site contracts
  • Manage event site payments
  • Manage all communication with event sites


  • Research catering to theme and budget
  • Manage caterer contracts
  • Manage caterer payments
  • Manage caterer delivery



Travel and Accommodations

  • Provide travel booking function
  • Co-ordinate travel, accommodation, transfers and tours
  • Provide meet and great facility

Audiovisual, Sound, Lighting

  • Establish requirements based on budget and event configuration
  • Manage all technical aspects, design, sound, lighting, staging
  • Record event
  • Manage supplier contracts, payments and deliveries

Print and Design

  • Picture of cover of conference programConference logos and color schemes
  • Invitations and “Hold the Date” cards
  • Marketing material
  • Media material
  • Event Programs
  • Banners and signs
  • Name badges
  • Place cards
  • Seating plans
  • Directional maps
  • Itineraries
  • Registration forms
  • Information packs
  • Evaluation forms

Photography and Video

  • Prepare presentation video
  • Record event
  • Manage production suppliers
  • Manage photographic suppliers

Picture of computer screen; cursor arrow pointing to URL addressInternet and Electronic Media

  • Develop, implement, and host event website
  • Prepare speaker presentations for distribution or online presentation
  • Prepare documents for distribution or online presentation
  • Develop interactive compact disks
  • Develop interactive online media

Attendee Feedback

  • Design delegate evaluation forms/media
  • Manage distribution and collection of evaluation forms
  • Document and collate evaluation responses
  • Prepare evaluation summary reports

Post-Event Analysis

  • Provide photo collection

  • Provide video library

  • Provide financial reports

  • Provide evaluation summary reports

  • Present event evaluation based on defined goals and objectives

  • Present recommendations for future events

Translation and Special Needs Requirements

  • Identify translation and special needs requirements
  • Provide suitable translators
  • Setup translation facilities onsite
  • Manage document translation process


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