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Information Dissemination Systems

Management Support Systems

Event Planning Support Systems


Picture of URL address line on computer monitorEST develops and maintains sophisticated Internet-based systems for the dissemination, collection, and organization of information.  The company's designers and programmers are highly experienced in developing Web sites that link people from across the country or across the office.

EST has developed Internet-based information systems,  content management systems, and conference and meeting systems, including online registration, document dissemination, reporting, and capacity tracking.

EST offer our clients a wide array of services, including:

  • Web site hosting

  • Dynamic Content Systems, including blogs, RSS feeds and wiki's Real-time "chat" technologies

  • Mailing Lists

  • Custom scripting to meet the unique needs of our clients

  • Multimedia displays for websites

EST's Web site support efforts are always performed to meet Section 508 and applicable security standards.

Internet-Based Information Dissemination Systems

Under a contract with the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD), EST is responsible for providing content for and development and maintenance of the Youth Information, Training and Resource Centers Internet site.  The site is driven by an EST-designed Content Management System that easily allows information to be shared among grantee organizations and the public.  The site includes listings of news and events and links to relevant resources.  It also includes a Chat Room and many other sophisticated features. 

Internet-Based Management Support Systems

EST created and maintains an online consultant management application that is used to maintain and deploy a roster of hundreds of expert consultants.  This system provides essential support on a nationwide technical assistance contract with the DHHS Office of Family Planning. This online system has the following features:

  • Applicants for consulting positions can upload their resumes online

  • Grantees can request technical assistance, including reviewing the resumes of consultants, through the system

  • The client can review the grantee requests and approve or disapprove each online

  • Consultants can submit expenses via the system

  • The system tracks the number of, and costs associated with, each technical assistance request and provides online reports.

Event and Meeting Management

Abstract representation of electronic filesInternet sites are indispensable tools for management of events and meetings.  The sites provide essential information before, during, and after the events or meetings.  In support of these efforts, EST has:

  • Developed the Web site architecture

  • Designed overall appearance and page frames for the site

  • Developed online registration systems with corresponding online reporting functions

  • Developed online event evaluation systems with corresponding reporting functions

  • Created document libraries of event documents and other relevant materials, including extensive cross-linking of data

  • Created systems to track course sign-ups against room capacities

  • Created systems to automatically generate E-mails based on specific criteria

  • Developed systems for fee collection and reporting

EST looks forward to the continuing growth of Internet technology and using it to promote communications for organizations.

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